• Global tax planning
  • Legal advice
  • Appeals and claims
  • Tax advice
  • Annual income tax returns and heritage
  • Direct estimation and objective estimation
  • Corporate tax
  • VAT returns

Based on the training and experience gained over the years, we offer comprehensive advice for companies and individuals, working closely with the labour, accounting and legal areas.


Tax Advice

Global tax planning

We anticipate the tax consequences of various management decisions of the company.

Legal advice

We cover legal advice: a team of expert lawyers at your disposal.

Appeals and claims

Many clients trust AEHS legal team to resolve their monetary claims.

Tax advice

Correct assessment of taxes and their shapes and negotiations form part of our areas of competence.

Tax Management

Annual income tax returns and patrimony

Every year we carry out more than 800 tax returns. In addition tax Management includes all aspects related to statements on patrimony.

Corporate Tax

We carry out more than 400 corporate tax yearly. We deal with the calculation, presentation and if necessary, we also conduct negotiations for the better conditions.

VAT returns

We carry out all VAT returns of our company clients in addition to VAT returns of more than 150 self-employed who entrust us with their accounting and tax management.


The purpose of accounting is to provide accurate information to enable a correct decision-making process. Control tools and analysis are key in contributing to growth and economic health of the company.



Accounting executive

We Mechanize and do the accounting of the economic operations of your business following a General Accounting Plan. We adapt to different models of mechanization, including remote system.


We prepare and draft accounting and financial reports, always adapting to your needs.


We keep a record of accounting books and deposited annual accounts, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Management control

Personal advice

Regular consultations, through workshops on how the company is functioning and its economic Business plan monitoring.

Analytical accounting

We apply accounting cost methods tailored to each business in order to improved margins and models.

Viability studies

We analyze new business models for realignment of systems and product viability.


Undoubtedly, one of the most sensitive aspects in business management is the labour policy. AEHS Consulting treated professional administrative management of the workforce of its clients with a special sensitivity.

  • Salary management

    We deal with wage slips, calculation and preparation applying the collective agreement and contractual peculiarities, lists of personnel costs and
    ascription of work centres.

  • Social security

    We are experts in: bulletins of social security settlements via the Internet System, IT parts processing, communication and preparation of accident reports.

  • Communications Tax Office

    Preparation and presentation of letters indicating payment retentions of salaried employees and/or professional activity, monthly, quarterly… Presentation of corresponding annual activity summaries and the sending of retribution certificates.

  • Labour modifications

    Registration, deregistration, variations and work contracts with the State Public Employment Service. Tracking contract expirations.Drafting contractual clauses and amendments. In addition, settlements, dismissals, sanctions.

  • Special labour relations

    Senior management contracts. Salesmen. Domestic service and self-employed.

  • Other services

    We offer legal assistance in acts of reconciliations, attending court proceedings before the social and labour inspectorate.



The aim of AEHS´s legal department is to provide a comprehensive service to companies and individuals in various aspects of the law.

  • Civil Law

    We advise on all ambits of Private law, of the individual, family and property. Disability, matrimonial agreement, separations and divorces. Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts. Leases, Joint ownerships and condominiums. Construction law. Civil Responsibility. Inheritances and wills.

  • Company Law

    Company formation. Advice in all facets of your activity and modifications including acquisitions, mergers and dissolutions. Bankruptcy. Planning and legal advice on business structures, especially in the field of family businesses.

  • Administrative Law

    Administrative demands and representation before Economic-Administrative Courts. Procurement. Sanction procedures.

  • Litigation Law

    Defence and representation in various legal proceedings. Extrajudicial and judicial debt collection, obligations and contractual responsibilities. Mediation and arbitration.