AEHS Consulting SL, was founded in 1996 by lawyer, Luis Aldámiz -Echevarría Iraurgui, with the aim of adding a breath of fresh air in the world of tax, labour and accounting advice , which was at this time a rare speciality. The intention was, and is, to provide a global and integrated service covering all areas of running a business.

With a work-based spirit, continuing education and personal attention to our clients, we have achieved full satisfaction at the same time as collaborating in the growth and smooth running of the companies we advise.

In AEHS Consulting SL we have known how to adapt to legal, legislative and technological changes for the sole purpose of helping our clients, offering them high quality services both professional and human.


AEHS consulting’s team of experts consists of lawyers, economists and technicians. Thanks to the versatility of team members and teamwork, they can offer their clients, clear and real-time answers to all areas of business management.

Luis Aldamiz-Echevarria Iraurgui

Director of the Tax Area
  • Law degree from the University of Barcelona, 1984-1989, promotion.
  • Master in Taxation and Tax advice. Abad Oliva College, 1990. Mention: Distinguished promotion.
  • Advanced Course in Labour Law and Social Security. Financial Studies Center, 1992 promotion.
  • Master in Taxation and Tax advice. Tax and Financial Studies Centre, 2003. Special Mention: promotion.
  • Master in Accounting and Account Audit. Center for Financial Studies, promotion 2006/2007. Special Mention.
  • Superior Administrative Accounting Management Course. Center for Financial Studies. promotion 2006/2007.